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As the daughter of a forester, Joy Hagen’s childhood was spent exploring logging roads and little-known hiking paths, camping deep in the forests alongside rushing rivers, and exploring rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest.  It also provided the opportunity to live in the Philippines and Panama.  Using encaustic medium, Hagen depicts environments that reflect upon color, pattern, and mood and speaks to remembered moments through selected bits and pieces from the natural world, usually with a reference to trees.

Hagen’s work can be found in the permanent collections of the City of Kent Portable Works, City of Kenmore City Hall, City of Seattle Public Utilities Portable Works, Swedish Medical Group in Redmond and Everett and Swedish Medical Center’s Edmonds Cancer Institute in Edmonds. 

HAGEN_JOY_WHAT HAVE WE WROUGHT_31x24_Encaustic, Inc, Graphite & Shellac_2023_$980
DELICATE BLANCE_43x20_Encaustic, Corrugated Paper, Ink & Shellac_$2,100
DESICCATED_UP IN SMOKE_37x38_Reclaimed Paper, Corrugated Paper, Lace Paper Scraps, Detritu
Slash & Burn IX_Encaustic & Burned Duct   Tape_17x32_2014_$1,100
Slash & Burn_Log Jam
Rustic Landscape III (17.25X48) Encaustic (2007) $1,000  (KENMORE WINNER)
Red Woods (Quadtych)_Encaustic Mixed  Media_2010_38x74_$4,800
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