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Lorri Falterman

Lorri Falterman is a sculptor, painter and fine art photographer. She was born in Ridgecrest, California and now lives and works in Mercer Island and Leavenworth, Washington.


Lorri continues to both paint and sculpt, incorporating her changing environment as she goes along. Her most recent solo show was titled, "Am I Safe?" and focused on our current situation with the pandemic and gun violence.  She sculpts mostly in clay and works with live models.  In addition, she paints watercolors using a special technique that contains gesture and contour drawing along with bright unmixed watercolors. Her photographs strongly feature themes of rust, water and boats throughout the world. She has participated in juried and group shows in the Northwest. She has studied art in Seattle and France. Lorri’s work has received awards and commissions. Lorri is a member of the Mercer Island Visual Arts League Gallery, Studio 103 in Seattle and a 2014 Artist Trust Edge graduate.


Lorri originally trained as a classical musician and produced some of the first period instrument Baroque operas to be heard in the Seattle area. Lorri has worked for small non-profit arts organizations as a staff member and board member in the Seattle area for more than 30 years to bring more art and music to the Northwest.  

Studio 103_Falterman_White Torso_Ceramic with Acrylic Paint_14x10x10inches_2021
Studio 103 Falterman Isis
Studio 103 Falterman Matisse Anna Maria
Studio 103 Falterman Hear Me Fired Clay with Glaze 2021
Studio 103 Falterman
Hestia II View 3
Bhutanese Pear Goddess View 5
Santorini Truck by Lorri Falterman
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