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Studio 103 will featured new and inspiring works from artists Zeynep Banu Alev, Lorri Falterman, Joy Hagen, Ellen Hochberg,  Germaine Mitaac, Joshua Monuteaux, and Gamze Seckin, and Claudia Zimmerman. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in Booth A18 at the Seattle Art Fair!

Studio 103, Ellen Hochberg, I Have 3 Kids.tiff
Studio 103 Joy Hagen Up In Smoke Encaustic Paper Scraps Painted Twigs 2020 38 inches by 37
2023-The Balance Myth-9x12-3039x4000-600
Studio 103 Claudia Zimmerman Early Fall Oil on Copper 2023 6 inches by 8 inches R.jpg
Studio 103 Lorri Falterman Hestia II Fired Clay with Glaze 2022 R.jpg
Rainier 1_3.jpg

Look for us in Booth A18.
July 21 - 24, 2022
Lumen Field Event Center
  For more information about the Seattle Art Fair

Divided Lines_60x2x42_Oil on Canvas_2019_$6000.jpg.jpg
Studio 103 Zeynep Banu Alev Sentient II Havelnut tree branch Ceramic Pod Wool 2022 4 inche
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